Quality Management System

When it comes to satisfying the customer and doing it in a repeatable, scalable fashion, the answer is developing a quality management system. The challenge is that many top managers don’t understand where to start.  The goal of QualityManagementSystem.com is to educate both managers and executive leadership on both the benefits and the steps required to implement a quality management system.

We see this education as made up of three major parts:

  1. appreciating what makes up total quality management (TQM),
  2. getting your arms around the ISO requirements, and
  3. understanding how quality management software can make your quest for quality so much more efficient.

The starting point for any quality management system is to get clear on the goals of the organization and the path to meet those goals. This includes setting priorities and timelines for progress and mapping out the critical proceses. You can learn all about this in our section on Total Quality Management.

You must also understand the guidelines set out by the International Organization for Standardization. These ISO standards are the specific industry guidelines on how to document the processes. The focus here is on consistency and complete, easy to follow documentation. While TQM is focused on employee involvement and product improvement, achieving the ISO standards proves your organization is following industry standards. Visit our section What is ISO? to learn more.

Forget the days of many binders on the shelf, the answer is quality software. Quality management software can be a great way to streamline many of the tasks associated with a Quality Management System. Often times, however, we find that the software is adding to the effort to keep the process documentation up to date, instead of saving time. How to determine your requirements and select a the right software for your organization is explained in the quality management software section.