What Quality Management Software Can Do for Your Business

A large part of implementing a quality management system is writing, updating and maintaining business process and systems documentation.  Not only is documentation a requirement for formal quality systems such as ISO: 9001 and the FDA, it also defines how each work process is performed to company standards and fits within the entire quality system.  Quality documentation also must be revised when changes are made, with the latest revisions accessible to those who do the work.

In order to stay competitive, businesses have to be flexible, willing to make changes to keep up with the market, customer needs and technology.  Every time a business process changes, the corresponding documentation needs to be updated.  Outdated documentation used to operate new equipment or complete revised processes can have disastrous consequences.  Shelves full of three-ring binders full of printed documents soon become obsolete. 

A combination of manual and electronic documents, stored in a variety of word processing and spreadsheet software versions, can make updating a nightmare.  Quality management software is designed to take the hassle out of storing, maintaining and updating documentation.  It can be designed specifically for a company’s needs, including security levels and accessibility.  Gone are the rows of documentation binders.  The latest work instruction or SOP is conveniently available with the click of a mouse, at an employee’s desktop or locations around the shop floor.  Instead of manually pulling old copies and replacing them with updates, revisions can be made and updated online, making the latest information immediately accessible.  

Corrective actions and preventive actions can easily be documented and tracked online as well, with alerts and follow ups to those involved.  Over time, data collected can be analyzed to determine areas for process improvement, such as equipment or materials changes, process redesign or safety initiatives. 

A quality management software system can take the hassle out of the internal audit process.  Audit teams can use the software for scheduling to ensure that the audits are completed within the specified time period.  It can also be used to store audit forms and enter audit findings, corrective actions, create reports and analyze audit data.

During the planning and implementation phase of a quality system, quality management software simplifies information storage, accessibility and distribution throughout the organization.  Some systems offer online training, assessments and certification for employees in the use of the software and quality improvement techniques and tools as well.  Overall, your quality management system will run smoothly with less chance for error with integrated quality management software.

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